In my recent Facebook Page post I mentioned some problems that you might run into with Quickbooks and I told you how to fix them but now I am going to go a little bit more in depth as to how to fix them. I am going to do both Quickbooks Online and Quickbooks Desktop.

Get rid of duplicates under products and services, chart of accounts, and payment methods Quickbooks Online:

1.       Click the gear at the top of the screen

2.       Click all lists

3.       Select the list you want to fix

4.       Find the duplicate

5.       On the far-right side click the arrow

6.       Click delete

*Quickbooks online does not actually delete anything it only makes it inactive

 To get rid of inactive customers or vendors:

1.       Open the customers or vendors from the menu on the left

2.       Find the correct customer or vendor

3.       On the far right side click the arrow

4.       Click make inactive

 To get rid of duplicates under products and services, chart of account and Payment methods Quickbooks desktop:

1.       Click lists at the top of the screen

2.       Select the list you are editing

3.       Find the duplicate

4.       Right click

5.       Select either delete or make inactive

*I prefer to use make inactive within the Chart of Accounts, Products and Services and Payment methods just because you never know when you might need it again.

 To get rid of customers and vendors:

1.       Click customers or vendors at the tops

2.       Click customer center or vendor center

3.       Find the customer or vendor you are deleting

4.       Double Click the customer or vendor

5.       Click customer is inactive

I will go over the merging of accounts and the changing of accounts another time. If this is too overwhelming or you find it too confusing, contact me at 814-688-0405 or via email and we will take this frustration and suffering off your shoulders. We will work with you and customize the services to your needs. If you just need someone to “hold your hand” while you do it, we can help. If you want somebody to do it for you, we can help. No matter your needs contact us.


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