Frosty and Rudolph owned their own business based in California. They both wanted their business to succeed so they both took on the different roles within the business to make that success a reality. Rudolph was more the creative and sociable one of the two whereas Frosty was more the behind the scenes administrative, bookkeeping side of the business. They both wanted their business to succeed and since their business was online they could do business anywhere within the United States so each one took an area to market to.

Rudolph had more family in California and Frosty preferred the colder areas of the United States so he decided to go ahead and branch out to the northern area of the United States where he would be during the hottest months of the year. During this time it was expected that Rudolph would go ahead and take care of the behind the scenes aspect of the business and when Frosty would return during the winter months, he would resume his role as the administrative, bookkeeping side of the business. This was so when Frosty returned he could just continue moving forward with the administrative, bookkeeping side of the business but still be able to enjoy the winter months on the mountains where his family lived.

6 months go by and Frosty returns back to the headquarters only to find that while he was gone their business flourished but even though he felt guilty, Rudolph was spending more time playing games than keeping up with the administrative and bookkeeping aspect of the business. Now it was six months behind and Frosty only had 3 months to get it caught up before it would need to be sent to Santa Claus, their accountant, for tax time. This meant no time to frolic in the snow and no time to spend with family because he would be at their headquarters all hours of the night trying to get everything entered and caught up or he would have to pay Santa Claus, $100 per hour for him to do it. With how many months behind they were he was looking at having to spend at least $1000 just to get ready for taxes then they would have to pay for the taxes to be done. So rather than pay that extra money Frosty sacrifices his free time to get their bookkeeping caught up.

Had Frosty outsourced his catchup to Collins Bookkeeping he would have had a lot of time to spend with family and to frolic in the snow and it would’ve cost him 1/3 the amount it would have cost him to pay Santa Claus and he would have gotten a chance to regroup and recharge before he leaves for the hot weather months again.

An even better alternative would have been for Rudolph to contact Collins Bookkeeping when he started to play more games so that Collins Bookkeeping could’ve kept all of their bookkeeping up-to-date for a flat fee so when Frosty returned he could enjoy his time with family and not break the bank.

So tell me which would you rather be?

Remorseful Rudolph and Frosty that is stressed to the max putting in long hours

Remorseful Rudolph but Frosty is frolicking in the snow with family and friends


Happy game playing Rudolph and Happy frolicking in the snow Frosty

You and if you would rather play games and frolic in the snow then contact Collins Bookkeeping for all your bookkeeping needs.

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